What is matcha?

Matcha is a type of green tea made by grinding young tea leaves until they turn into a bright green powder.

What is the difference between matcha and green tea?

When making green tea, dry tea leaves are typically steeped or soaked in hot water and then discarded once the water has fully infused their flavor. Removing the tea leaves significantly lowers the nutritional value contained in your average cup of green tea. With ceremonial grade matcha, on the other hand, you are drinking finely ground tea leaves that have been fully dissolved in water. This allows you to enjoy the full benefits of the leaves themselves, including their antioxidants, caffeine content, and overall green goodness.

What are the health benefits of drinking matcha?

Matcha is chock-full of antioxidants that are proven to boost your immune system, lower blood pressure, and reduce the risk of cancer. For hundreds of years Buddhist monks have used matcha to relax and meditate while remaining calm and alert. The amino acid L-Theanine contained in matcha has been shown to enhance overall mood as well as improve memory and focus. Japanese samurai would drink matcha before going into battle because of its energizing properties. Drinking matcha can provide up to 4-6 hours of sustained energy without leaving you feeling jittery or anxious. No caffeine crash here!

How do I prepare a cup of matcha?

To prepare the perfect cup of matcha whisk 1/2 tsp matcha with 2 oz hot water until the powder is fully dissolved and a lightly colored layer of foam appears on top. Enjoy immediately!

What does ceremonial grade mean?

The two main grades of matcha that you will typically find are culinary and ceremonial. Culinary grade matcha is, as you can probably guess, normally used for cooking and baking where the matcha powder will be mixed with other ingredients. As such, its high quality is not as vital. Ceremonial grade matcha, on the other hand, is matcha that meets the rigorous quality standards of a traditional Japanese tea ceremony. It thus designates the highest quality matcha available that only needs the addition of hot water to enjoy.

How is Matcha Is For Lovers matcha made? 

We proudly serve the finest shade-grown, hand-picked, stone-ground green tea leaves directly from Kyoto, Japan aka the matcha capital of the world!


We grow our tea leaves under 3 layers of shade cover in order to maximize their chlorophyll content. This gives our matcha its vibrant green color.


Skilled workers hand pick each and every leaf in order to ensure that only the youngest green tea leaves are used. This gives our matcha its uniquely smooth finish and slightly sweet taste.


We grind our tea leaves in the traditional way by using granite stones. This preserves the nutrients in our matcha as well as the integrity of its flavor and color.